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Mona Sugata Appliqué





​and permanent.

poetic, static, fragrant​

and permanent.

A lot of cloth flowers applied to European haute couture dresses. It was too beautiful to be part of the dress, Too light to be called a corsage. The air of the place decorated with flowers becomes pure, You can feel the warmth when you pick it up, Like the dawn that tells us of tranquility and beauty, I make these flowers.

Make the place where you are a paradise right now!

What is your dream?

I'm sure when that dream comes true, your heart will be exhilarated, forgive everything, and be in harmony with the world.

Would you please stop being swayed by the uncontrollable reality?

Quietly gaze at the flowers that bloom only in your heart, take a deep breath, imagine harmony with the world, and feel it.

You can't find a quieter, happier, more peaceful place in the world than you are right now.

One of my favorite poets is Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī.

I often quote his poems.

I pray that the love beyond all concepts, beyond the abyss of the spirit, will rain down on you and fill you with peace.

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